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Futures Food Products - Quality frozen food products since 1985

About Our Company and Our Products

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John Schifano is the owner of Futures Food Products. John has been in the food industry for over 25 years, working towards the goal of ultimate perfection in quality and availability of all natural fresh and frozen gourmet foods.

Futures Food Products delivers to seasonal fishing and hunting resorts, camps, restaurants and the general public. Our Premium Beef is aged between 28 and 47 days, depending on the cut, and is free of hormones or chemical additives.

Through customer demand, we have created, listed and made available a good selection of Exotic and Game Meats. For products that are not included on our list, we order in and custom-size products on demand for our customers.

We have a select list of unique finger foods and appetizers that are oven ready. For the sweet tooth, we have home made gelato and many other desserts to choose from.

Futures Food Products selects the best local products and imports some of the finest meats, fish and seafood from around the world. All meat and fish products are hand-cut and portioned on demand, dally, and are individually vacuum packaged to prevent freezer burn and extend shelf life. Our gourmet entrees are prepared by hand for dining rooms and steak houses across North America. Our free-range chicken is all natural with no water or sodium added.

Ingredients and cooking instructions are either on all of our product labels or on individual packaging.

Note: Any links on our website to businesses are purely for the interest of our customers and should not imply a partnership between Futures Food Products and those companies.

You can do your online food shopping at home and on the road!

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