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Futures Food Products - We offer quantity discounts

Quantity Sale Discount

With the purchase of any 7 boxes of product offered on our website, customers receive a free box of their choice, resulting in a substantial discount of between $30 and $40 per box. (Weekly specials do not qualify for Quantity Sale Discounts.)

Example & Formula
Let's say that a customer purchases 7 boxes of free-range chicken breasts at $129.00 per box. Because this qualifies for a Quantity Sale Discount, the customer is entitled to select an additional box of any product — free!

For example, the customer chooses a free box of Beef Tenderloin valued at $210.00. Divided by 7 boxes (210 ÷ 6 = 35) the customer saves $35.00 on each of the 6 boxes of chicken breasts, reducing the $129 cost per box by $35.00, resulting in a discounted price of $94 per box of chicken breasts! Since there are 28 breasts in each box, the discounted price for each breast would be $3.39! That's a very attractive discount value for quantity buyers!